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El Paso Health Car Seat Safety Program

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children ages 14 and under. UMCF Volunteer Corps is working to increase the safety of child passengers in El Paso with monthly Car Seat Safety Clinics made possible by a grant from El Paso Health.

Beginning September 2017, UMC Foundation started holding its El Paso Health Car Seat Safety clinics on a monthly basis throughout parts of the El Paso area, rotating between east, west and central El Paso. Appointments are made from the waiting list each month.

During these clinics, certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPST) evaluate the child’s car seat for safety and proper fit. If the car seat does not meet current safety guidelines, or if it is an incorrect car seat for the child’s age, height and weight, it is replaced with a new car seat free of charge. The clinics also provide important car seat safety education to the family, and instruct them on how to properly install their car seat.

University Medical Center Foundation Volunteers make these clinics possible with set up, breakdown, event support and assisting car seat safety technicians. The El Paso Health Car Seat Safety Program has become the largest car seat program in the greater El Paso area. Over 4600 children have been evaluated and over 4000 brand new car seats have been provided and installed.

El Paso Health Special Needs Car Seat Loaner Program

A component of the El Paso Health Car Seat Safety Program is the El Paso Health Special Needs Car Seat Loaner Program. This program is exclusive to patients of El Paso Children’s Hospital and University Medical Center. It provides car seats and child restraint systems for children who are unable to travel home in conventional car seats. Examples of patients in need of this program are children with a spica cast, leg braces, or other medical conditions or treatments that result in the need for a special car seat. The seats and restraint systems are loaned to the patient and family free of charge, and returned to the program once a conventional car seat can be used. The goal of the El Paso Health Special Needs Car Seat Loaner Program is to improve safe travel for all children.

For more information, contact Carolyn Williams, Volunteer Corps Program Manager, 915-521-7229, ext. 80528,