Emergence Health Network (EHN) is an Equal Opportunity Employer. EHN is also a trauma informed care agency where staff can feel psychologically safe sharing their experience and/or recovery with behavioral health or substance use.


EHN is proud to have created impactful change in the delivery of mental health, IDD, and addiction services throughout the years in the West Texas region. In 2021 EHN celebrated its 55th anniversary and although we have undergone name changes, our commitment to our residents has remained a top priority.  As the Local Mental Health Authority (LMHA) and Intellectual Developmental Disabilities Authority (LIDDA) in El Paso County, EHN is responsible for meeting the needs of our residents through service delivery and planning, policy and resource development. 


We are confident,  at EHN there is a service area where your expertise and experience can be beneficial. At EHN, we also offer competitive salaries and benefits, with a robust retirement plan and welcome you to be a part of our great team. We are looking for dynamic, positive and experienced individuals to fill the following positions.


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  • Voluntary Benefits

Emergence Health Network (EHN) is proud to offer a comprehensive benefit plan for our employees. Full-time employees are eligible to participate in generous medical and dental plans, as well as Flexible Spending Accounts, Short-Term Disability, and Supplemental Life/Accidental Death insurance for themselves and their dependents. Both full-time and part-time employees may also enroll in a variety of plan options through Legal Shield.


  • Company Paid Benefits

Full-time EHN employees have several company paid benefits as part of their employment. Long-term Disability Insurance, Basic Life and Accidental Death Insurance coverage for employees, as well as Basic Life Insurance coverage for eligible spouses and dependents are provided at no cost to our employees.


  • Time-Off

Full-time employees accrue over two weeks of paid vacation in the first 12 months of employment, which increases with tenure. Generous sick time is also accrued and EHN also observes 12 paid holidays annually. For our military reservists, up to 15 days of paid military leave is also available.


  • Retirement

EHN is excited to be a part of the Texas County District Retirement System (TCDRS) as of January 1, 2017. All EHN employees contribute 5% of their earnings to this 401(a) Pension program. In addition to guaranteed annual interest earnings, EHN provides a 150% match. For every $100 an employee contributes to the TCDRS during their career with the organization, EHN contributes $150 into their account upon vesting and retirement. All employees are also eligible to voluntarily contribute to a 403(b) retirement savings plan in addition to the contributions required by our participation in the TCDRS.


  • Wellness and Discounts

Emergence Health Network is committed to providing a wide range of benefits to meet the diverse needs of our workforce and their families. Employees are encouraged to utilize our EAP (Employee Assistance Program) for free counseling services, as well as discounts at local businesses such as fitness gyms and nutrition stores. At EHN, we understand the importance of mentally and physically healthy choices for our employees, both personally and professionally. EHN has initiated an Employee Wellness Program with an added focus on enhancing our sense of team and community. Having a healthy and engaged workforce increases our ability as an organization to make a positive impact in our community and the lives of those we serve.


  • Student Loan Forgiveness Program

EHN is part of the National Health Services Corps (NHSC) Student Loan Forgiveness Program for healthcare providers, which means some EHN employees may be eligible to receive financial assistance to pay back medical student loans. Primary care medical, dental and mental/behavioral health clinicians can get up to $50,000 (depending on clinic location) to repay their health profession student loans in exchange for a two-year commitment to work at an approved NHSC site in a high need, underserved area. EHN currently has six sites approved under the program. The payment is free from federal income tax and is made at the beginning of service so you can quickly pay down loans. After completing the initial commitment, employees can apply to extend their service and receive additional loan repayment assistance.

EHN accepts applications for internships, fellows, residents, preceptors, and externships year long. However students must notify EHN of their interest six month in advance since availability is limited.

The Emergence Health Network – Internship in Building Communities (IBC) affords undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to develop collaboration and leadership skills while interning for a dynamic, multicultural academic program. While a student life internship at heart, the greater value of the IBC lies in the broad range of professional skills and experience that interns can acquire in the many mental health and intellectual and developmental disabilities diverse fields.

About the Program

The Internship in Building Communities is ideal for growth-oriented, creative college students who are interested in collaborating with others to build and help shape the future of mental health and intellectual and developmental disabilities. Interns hone their communication, leadership, and organizational skills while contributing in such areas as counseling, nursing, assessing and other higher mental health and IDD fields.

In Building Communities with Clinical Internship Practicum and internship in clinical mental health, counseling is designed to enhance students’ professional skills while at Emergence Health Network. Faculty will review students’ applications with respect to appropriateness for an internship. If the student is approved, he or she will be allowed to apply to EHN for a placement. In consultation with the Internship Coordinator and the student’s adviser, the student makes interview arrangements with EHN approved supervisors, and completes all necessary paperwork.

Applicants must be in good standing as they go through a thorough background process to have access to EHN facilities.

Clinical experience that can be gained from EHN internship may include:

  • Outpatient therapy
  • Partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient
  • Group therapy
  • High acuity
  • Treatment in a legal setting
  • Crisis intervention
  • Children and families
  • Addiction

Intern Responsibilities During the Practicum

Throughout the Practicum, interns meet to discuss their experiences, challenges, and accomplishments, adding to their skills and contributing to the development and capabilities of the program.

The interns complete the program with real-world experience in leadership and responsibility and find that their fellow interns have become a valuable network for sharing experiences and support in the future.

EHN Affiliates
Once students have submitted their form, EHN will determine if the student’s university is within the list of affiliates.

How to Apply
Please click HERE for the EHN Training Opportunity Form and email the form to hr-helpdesk@ehnelpaso.org ATTENTION: Training Manager

At EHN, we believe the quantity and quality of services we provide is unmatched in our area.  EHN has dedicated employees and staff leaders who have contributed to the growth of the organization and expansion of services benefiting our residents. As the largest mental health, IDD and substance use treatment provider in El Paso, we have multiple service locations and clinics where we assist a wide array of our population to include adults, children, veterans, the homeless and justice-involved individuals.


We are confident,  at EHN there is a service area where your expertise and experience can be beneficial. EHN also offers competitive salaries and benefits, with a robust retirement plan. We are looking for dynamic, positive and experienced individuals to join our team.


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