Kristen Daugherty, LISW, LCSW, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
(915)887-3410 ext. 18807

Ashley Sandoval
Associate Chief Executive Officer
(915)887-3410 ext. 18821

Rene Hurtado
Chief of Staff
(915)887-3410 ext. 18811

Dr. Marcelo Rodriguez-Chevres
Chief Medical Officer
(915)887-3410 ext. 18808


Dr. Carroll Thornburg
Chief Medical Officer Primary Care and Addiction Services
(915)887-3410 ext. 18808

Tewiana Norris, DNP, RN
Chief Nursing Officer
(915)887-3410 ext. 18817

Chrystal L. Davis, LPC, MBA
Chief Clinical Officer
(915)887-3410 ext. 18857

Rene Navarro, MPA
Chief Compliance Officer
(915)887-3410 ext. 18819

Juan R. Gonzalez, MBA
Chief Information Officer
(915)887-3410 ext. 18899

Michael Wyatt
Legal Counsel
(915)887-3410 ext. 18827

Carlos Ortiz, MBA
Chief Financial Officer Interim
(915)887-3410 ext. 18832