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EHN CRISIS HOTLINE: 915-779-1800

People with mental illness often have co-occurring health conditions.
That is why Emergence Health Network’s Westside Clinic offers Integrated
Primary Care that includes a team of primary care and behavioral health
providers who coordinate mental health, substance abuse, and primary
care services at this one location. Integrated care produces the best
outcomes and is the most effective approach to caring for people with
co-occurring healthcare needs.

EHN Integrated Primary Care Clinic

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EHN is dedicated to ensuring children have the opportunity
to achieve their fullest potential. We accomplish this by
providing access to an array of effective high quality mental
health and counseling services through partnerships with
family members, professionals and the community.

Youth Services

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EHN services clients with different levels of intellectual/developmental
disabilities including dualdiagnosis, Down syndrome and autism. Our goal
is to ensure that our IDD consumers have the best possible opportunity to
be active and productive members of the El Paso community. The IDD
services offered at EHN help to foster their development and help them
live as independently and efficiently as possible through a wide array of

Developmental Disabilities Services

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EHN Mental Health Crisis and Emergency Services are available
24-hours, seven days a week for anyone who is having a difficult
time coping with a situation. Individuals can access the services
by calling the EHN Crisis Hotline, going to our Extended Observation
Unit, or by visiting the Crisis and Emergency location at 1600 Montana.
EHN has mental health professionals ready to help when life becomes

Crisis Services

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EHN provides a wide array of mental health services for adults and
children who have schizophrenia, major depression disorder, bipolar
disorder, substance use disorder and other severely disabling mental
health conditions.

Mental Health Services

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Millions of people in the United States struggle with the abuse of
alcohol and legal/illegal drugs. With appropriate treatment long
-term recovery is possible. EHN and its Licensed Chemical
Dependency Counselors understand the challenges that face
individuals with addiction problems.

Addiction Services

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EHN now offers more options when it comes to meeting the mental
health and substance abuse treatment needs of the community
through its Alternatives at Emergence Health Network center located
in Northeast El Paso.

Alternatives at EHN

EHN Integrated
Primary Care Clnic

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Youth Services

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Crisis Services

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Mental Health

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at EHN

Stay up to date

EHN would like to invite the El Paso community to the Mental Health First Aid Lifesaver Rally. Learn more about mental health issues facing our community and how the Mental Health First Aid training course can help you learn the signs, responses and how to be a lifesaver.

You’ll also hear from two keynote speakers who share their personal stories of how mental illness has impacted their lives and how they journeyed from darkness into light. Registration is free and begins at 8:30 am on Friday, June 20, 2018.  We hope to see you there!

Emergence Health Network is hosting a community forum focused on improving the services and responses to local residents with a mental health condition.  We would like to invite you to learn more about these efforts that include partnerships between EHN and local law enforcement agencies.

Free CEU’s are offered for LPC’s and LCDC’s.  For more information email Lupita Pena at


By the Numbers

Emergence Health Network (EHN) is the largest provider for mental health, intellectual/developmental disabilities, and substance abuse treatment services in El Paso County. As one of the 38 Local Mental Health Providers in Texas, EHN is committed to meeting the needs of El Paso residents through a wide array of programs, at more than 20 service locations throughout the area. The “By the Numbers” section reflects up-to-date data of the care provided.

Mental Health Services
Mental Health Services
Consumers who received mental health services last month at either our Outpatient Clinics and/or through EHN Crisis and Emergency Services.
Intellectual Developmental Disability (IDD) Services
Intellectual Developmental Disability (IDD) Services
Consumers who received IDD services last month through our EHN IDD programs.
Hospital Diversion Services
Hospital Diversion Services
Percentage of consumers who were diverted last month from care in an inpatient setting and instead redirected to receive appropriate mental health, IDD, substance abuse services.
Individuals on IDD Interest List
Individuals on IDD Interest List
Number of El Paso residents with an intellectual/developmental disability interested in receiving EHN services but placed on an interest list until services are available.
Jail Diversion Services
Jail Diversion Services
Percentage of clients receiving services through EHN who were diverted from unnecessary incarceration and reoffending.
Consumer Satisfaction Results
Consumer Satisfaction Results
This percentage shows the number of EHN clients who are satisfied with their care, through monthly satisfaction surveys.
Percentage of Fund Balance
Percentage of Fund Balance
This number represents the percentage of fund balance to annual expenditures as of last month.

Spotlight on Success

Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACT)

Emergence Health Network (EHN) offers a variety of services to an individual with a mental health condition, including help from the EHN ACT Team.  ACT or the Assertive Community Treatment Team provides comprehensive psychiatric treatment, rehabilitation, and support to individuals with a serve or persistent mental illness, or personality disorders with severe functional impairments.  The goal is to reduce the amount of time an individual has to spend in a psychiatric hospital and increase the quality of life for these individuals who typically have difficulty remaining in a community setting.

Frank Saenz has managed his mental illness since he was a child but recently began to isolate himself and would not sleep or eat.  One of his biggest challenges was not being able to cope with the voices he would hear in his head and in turn, would get angry.  That’s when Frank was transferred to the ACT Team and received aggressive intervention. Frank remembers the ACT team going to his house to help him. “They worked with me and encouraged me to go outside to play basketball. They would help me build puzzles, draw in a notebook and slowly I started to get better again.”

Frank has successfully remained out of the hospital for more than a year now and is doing much better.  He is socializing again, plays sports at a local recreation center, helps around the house with his family, and is more independent. “I feel happy and more motived to live my life,” said Frank. “This has been hard on me and my whole family but everyone from ACT and the nursing staff helped me.  They are friendly and made me feel comfortable.”

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IDD Day Habilitation Learning Center

The EHN Day Habilitation location is a comprehensive Learning Center which allows EHN to provide services to its IDD clients at one centralized location. Recreational and pre-vocational activities are provided to help individuals such as Carlos Regalado, learn how to be more independent and active in the community.

Carlos’s mom says the staff at EHN has even helped her by giving her the support needed as a parent to assist a child with special needs. “My biggest challenge has been having to change my life to accommodate his, but I was surprised to find out that once he started at the EHN IDD DayHab Learning Center he was more independent than what I thought. I couldn’t imagine not having any services with EHN.  Everything that EHN does is very essential for my son’s life.”

The curriculum at the IDD Learning Center also includes life skills lessons to encourage independence. “We have an area at the center where our clients can learn how to do laundry, make their bed, or even make a sandwich.  This practice helps them to be self-sufficient, productive residents in our community in light of their diagnosis,” said Kristi Daugherty, CEO Emergence Health Network.   “Our clients can also move between classrooms where they are engaged in such courses as math, science, writing, dance and art classes throughout the day.”

Click on the link to learn more about EHN’s IDD programs.

Spotlight Video

Emergence Health Network launched a innovative mobile phone application called Mental Health and You.  It was created to improve access to mental health services in the area and to help the El Paso community as a whole, better understand mental illnesses. To get the app, just go to the mobile app store and download it for free.  To learn more about the app and its purpose click on the video.

Did you know?


Did you know that your mood quality could relate to your quality of life? How about money? Does it enslave us or free us, at least in our own minds? Emergence Health Network’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Angel Rodriguez-Chevres explores these topics. As a psychiatrist for the past several decades, he has played an important role in the lives of many people in the borderland area. To view articles written by Dr. Rodriguez-Chevres click on the links below. 

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