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EHN CRISIS HOTLINE: 915-779-1800

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EHN offers counseling services for individuals, families, groups, and couples that includes children ages 3-17 who may need help with
behavioral issues, eating disorders, grief and loss, marriage counseling, PTSD, anxiety, negative self-esteem and other challenging life

Counseling Services

People with mental illness often have co-occurring health conditions.
That is why Emergence Health Network’s Westside Clinic offers Integrated
Primary Care that includes a team of primary care and behavioral health
providers who coordinate mental health, substance abuse, and primary
care services at this one location. Integrated care produces the best
outcomes and is the most effective approach to caring for people with
co-occurring healthcare needs.

EHN Integrated Primary Care Clinic

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EHN is dedicated to ensuring children have the opportunity
to achieve their fullest potential. We accomplish this by
providing access to an array of effective high quality mental
health and counseling services through partnerships with
family members, professionals and the community.

Youth Services

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EHN services clients with different levels of intellectual/developmental
disabilities including dualdiagnosis, Down syndrome and autism. Our goal
is to ensure that our IDD consumers have the best possible opportunity to
be active and productive members of the El Paso community. The IDD
services offered at EHN help to foster their development and help them
live as independently and efficiently as possible through a wide array of

Developmental Disabilities Services

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EHN Mental Health Crisis and Emergency Services are available
24-hours, seven days a week for anyone who is having a difficult
time coping with a situation. Individuals can access the services
by calling the EHN Crisis Hotline, going to our Extended Observation
Unit, or by visiting the Crisis and Emergency location at 1600 Montana.
EHN has mental health professionals ready to help when life becomes

Crisis Services

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EHN provides a wide array of mental health services for adults and
children who have schizophrenia, major depression disorder, bipolar
disorder, substance use disorder and other severely disabling mental
health conditions.

Mental Health Services

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Millions of people in the United States struggle with the abuse of alcohol and
legal/illegal drugs. With appropriate treatment and support, long term recovery
is possible. As part of these services, EHN offers a Medicated-Assisted Treatment
(MAT) Program which uses medication along with counseling and behavioral
strategies to help treat substance use disorders.

Addiction Services

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EHN now offers more options when it comes to meeting the mental
health and substance abuse treatment needs of the community
through its Alternatives at Emergence Health Network center located
in Northeast El Paso.

Alternatives at EHN

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Counseling Services

Emergence Health Network has earned
The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval

EHN Integrated
Primary Care Clnic

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Youth Services

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Crisis Services

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Mental Health

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at EHN

Stay up to date

Emergence Health Network (EHN) has teamed up with Borderplex Realty Trust and the ONE San Jacinto Building to light up a portion of downtown El Paso in recognition of May as Mental Health Awareness Month. “Green is the symbolic color associated with mental health awareness so what better way to bring mindfulness to this important issue in our community, than to light up part of downtown El Paso green,” said Kristi Daugherty, EHN CEO. “We were thrilled when Borderplex Realty Trust decided to help us literally shed some light on this cause by lighting the building green.”

EHN would like to encourage the El Paso community to talk about mental health and the mental wellbeing of their family and friends. “When you are driving downtown and see the green lights discuss it. Talk about suicide prevention and depression. Find out if your loved ones are feeling stressed and anxious about anything and more importantly talk about how it’s okay discuss it and how counseling and treatment are available. Those conversations can save lives!” added Daugherty.


EHN would like to invite you to view our 2018 Annual Report. Learn how Emergence Health Network is committed to caring for our El Paso community by ensuring the mental health, intellectual/developmental disability, and substance use treatment needs of our residents are at the center of care.

Take a moment to watch a short video, hear from EHN’s Chief Executive Officer, see highlights of programs created in 2018 that benefit our community and much more.

To view the EHN 2018 Annual Report click HERE

By the Numbers

Emergence Health Network (EHN) is the largest provider for mental health, intellectual/developmental disabilities, and substance abuse treatment services in El Paso County. As one of the 38 Local Mental Health Providers in Texas, EHN is committed to meeting the needs of El Paso residents through a wide array of programs, at more than 20 service locations throughout the area. The “By the Numbers” section reflects up-to-date data of the care provided.

Mental Health Services
Mental Health Services
Consumers who received mental health services last month at either our Outpatient Clinics and/or through EHN Crisis and Emergency Services.
Intellectual Developmental Disability (IDD) Services
Intellectual Developmental Disability (IDD) Services
Consumers who received IDD services last month through our EHN IDD programs.
Hospital Diversion Services
Hospital Diversion Services
Percentage of consumers who were diverted last month from care in an inpatient setting and instead redirected to receive appropriate mental health, IDD, substance abuse services.
Individuals on IDD Interest List
Individuals on IDD Interest List
Number of El Paso residents with an intellectual/developmental disability interested in receiving EHN services but placed on an interest list until services are available.
Jail Diversion Services
Jail Diversion Services
Percentage of clients receiving services through EHN who were diverted from unnecessary incarceration and reoffending.
Consumer Satisfaction Results
Consumer Satisfaction Results
This percentage shows the number of EHN clients who are satisfied with their care, through monthly satisfaction surveys.
Percentage of Fund Balance
Percentage of Fund Balance
This number represents the percentage of fund balance to annual expenditures as of last month.

Spotlight on Success

East Valley Mental Health Outpatient Clinic

Through the EHN mental health outpatient clinics, El Paso residents have access to mental health care at several different locations throughout the city. Andrew Leal says his doctor’s appointments, regular visits with his caseworkers and regulation of his medication has made a difference in his life. “It has provided stabilization through medicine prescriptions to treat my (bipolar) condition. My caseworker has been a blessing, helping me to better understand my diagnosis and develop coping strategies to deal with symptoms.”

“Our mental health professionals at EHN are committed to helping those in our community to ensure their needs are at the center of care,” said Kristi Daugherty, EHN Chief Executive Officer. “Having a mental illness is like other medical conditions, meaning treatment for that condition is vital and we want our community to know there are resources available in our area to get the help they need.” Andrew agrees, “Our community needs to know that these conditions can happen to anyone and are not always obvious, they vary by person. We need to work harder to lessen the stigma and increase the understanding of mental illness and more importantly increase awareness that treatment is so important. For me, learning coping techniques have helped. Developing stress relief methods, finding which activities or methods were most therapeutic and utilizing them more. My relapses and crisis episodes have become fewer and easier to handle.”

To learn more about the EHN Outpatient Clinics click HERE

IDD Learning Center and Supported Housing

Emergence Health Network offers a wide array of services for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities through its many programs and is proud of the success many of these individuals have accomplished. Sarah Fernandez receives services through the EHN IDD Learning Center and gets supported housing at one of the EHN Casas or what is also referred to as Residential Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF.) “The staff at Su Casa and at the DayHab Learning Center have helped me a lot and Mr. Tony Aguilera has helped me get my job and to keep my job,” said Sarah. “My temper is much better, being employed has given me a lot of confidence in myself. I am more independent in my daily living skills. Before I was lost, I suffered a lot of depression and sadness, but now I am content and proud to have so many people who care for me.”

At the EHN Day Rehabilitation Learning Center EHN provides both recreational and pre-vocational activities to help consumers learn how to be more active in the community. The curriculum also includes life skills lessons to encourage independence and allows consumers to move between classrooms where they are engaged in such courses as math, science, writing, dance and art classes throughout the day. The Casas or Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) for individuals with IDD is an additional service that EHN offers to qualified IDD clients. Here, the IDD individuals can live independently, but continue to get comprehensive and individualized health care and rehabilitation services.

EHN would also like to congratulate Sarah, she was recently chosen to participate in a year long modeling class where she is learning how to pose, apply make-up and participate in modeling session.

To learn more about EHN’s IDD services click Developmental Disabilities

Spotlight Video

Did you know?


Did you know that your mood quality could relate to your quality of life? How about money? Does it enslave us or free us, at least in our own minds? Emergence Health Network’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Angel Rodriguez-Chevres explores these topics and others. As a psychiatrist for the past several decades, he has played an important role in the lives of many people in the borderland area. To view articles written by Dr. Rodriguez-Chevres click on the links below. 

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